When you hear the word ‘ultrasound’ you may think of the diagnostic tool that is used to visualise ligament or tendon injuries, or even the machine that gives you a…
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Lactation Osteopathy | Total Balance Healthcare

Mastitis and how Osteopaths can help

osteopaths can treat mastitis, along with many other breast feeding conditions such as blocked ducts, engorgement and blebs. read on to find out about mastitis, and how our osteopaths at…
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Understanding Hip Dysplasia

Developmental hip dysplasia (DDH) is a condition where the hip joint, which is a ball and socket joint, develops abnormally. This condition was previously known as congenital hip dysplasia or…
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developmental dysplasia of the hip

Tips and Tricks for Tummy Time

Have you ever wondered why so many people speak about the importance of tummy time for babies? And if so, have you ever asked yourself how you could improve your…
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The ‘why’ in Total Balance

Being healthy – it’s what many of us value most highly in life.  My vision is to create a health practice that helps patients to be healthy, through a range…
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Find Your Balance

Take Some Time Out with Total Balance Healthcare’s Latest Blog Hello and welcome to our first official blog! This blog, along with our brand new website will give you important…
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