The Low Back Pain Improvement Plan

Our 6 week online program is specifically designed to educate, empower and help people with low back pain. Join Dr. Dan East & Dr. Lachlan Chisholm (osteopaths) who walk you through, week by week with educational videos to help you with the why, backed up with the how to help with progressive rehabilitation and management. This is combined with a weekly meal plan and anti-inflammatory nutrition guide with Laura Goodridge, dual qualified Nutritionist & Dietitian, and weekly stretching and strengthening classes with Dr. Rebecca Farthing (Osteopath, Naturopath & Clinical Pilates Instructor).

What you will get

6 Weeks

6 weeks of highly specific content to low back pain

Video Lessons

48 video lessons

PDF Downloads

52 PDF downloadable guides

Private FB Group

Private facebook group with access to your health professionals

1:1 Consult

Additional 1:1 consultation support via Telehealth

How can The Low Back Pain Improvement Plan help you?

Help squashing the chronic pain cycle! Dr. Dan East cracks the chronic pain cycle, explains how it is a major driver of low back pain, and how to stop it!

Dr. Lachlan Chisholm gets into the mechanics, the nuts and bolts as to how low back pain occurs, the mechanics behind it and sets you up to understand how to control those mechanics of your lower back.

What you will get

Long – Term Solutions:

Dr. Lachlan Chisholm takes aggravating factors head on as he modifies activities of daily living such as lifting, car position and lifting that cause, and keep low back pain hanging around. Dr. Dan East opens the “exercise tool-kit”, kicking off your instant guided rehabilitation for your low back pain.

A Holistic, Multifaceted Approach:

Both Dr Dan & Dr. Lachy start working on the big game changers- correct bio-mechanical motor patterns and movement as part of your rehabilitation. Laura Goodridge (APA Dietitian) joins your support team as she introduces you to nutritional changes, how poor nutrition can lead to worsening of inflammation and how to turn that around.

Dr. Rebecca Farthing

Dr. Rebecca Farthing (Osteopath) also joins your support team as she walks you through the neuromuscular system, how to harbour it with the promotion of the parasympathetic nervous system through meditation. She also walks you through your first pilates class, fully focused on your low back pain and setting you up for long term success.

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