Covid-19 Policy

In line with the current Stage 4 restrictions, the guidelines for all Allied Health services (including Osteopathic consultations) now state we may ONLY provide in-clinic consultations for patients who are deemed to have an “urgent” need for hands-on treatment. An urgent need may include: – Conditions that will worsen significantly if not treated. – Conditions that affect your ability to provide basic care for yourself or others – Conditions in which failure to have treatment may result in an admission to the emergency department of a hospital, or that your pain would need to be managed by strong pain medication. Please note, a referral from your GP will NOT be required for osteopathic care. We understand these guidelines may be a little confusing, so if you feel you are in need of an Urgent Osteopathic consultation we ask that you please call us on 9773 8085. Our team of osteopaths are answering the phone for this stage of isolation. Once you call, we will then be able to assess you via a video or telephone call, provide appropriate advice, and where necessary, book you for a consultation in the clinic. For all non-urgent clients we have our telehealth consultations available with our Osteopaths Monday to Friday. These are available to anyone regardless of the level of care required.

All Naturopathy and Dietetics appointments are via telehealth. If you would like one of these appointments, please book online or call us. Should you have any further questions or be in need of support, please phone our team on 03 97738085 and we are happy to help. We are here for you. Stay Safe everyone! If in doubt – please reach out.

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