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Are you suffering from shoulder pain?

The shoulder is a large joint of the upper body which connects your neck and trunk to your arms. It constantly is being put into use with work activities, sporting actions and in everyday life.

Common causes of shoulder pain include:

  • muscular strains
  • bursitis
  • muscle weakness
  • adhesive capsulitis (‘frozen shoulder’)
  • poor posture
  • referral from the neck
  • impingement

There are several more severe causes of shoulder pain such as disc injury or fracture, and further investigations can occur in order to treat and manage these most effectively.

Our Osteopaths are experienced in treating shoulder pain

Here at Total Balance Healthcare, we are able to differentiate between uncomplicated shoulder pain and more serious causes of shoulder pain, and as a result co-management with other health professionals can occur.

A variety of skills will be implemented in order for you to have the best outcomes possible, and these include;

  • an array of treatment techniques
  • treatment of the direct complaint and the cause
  • advice on posture, exercises and stretching
  • advice on how to improve your ergonomic environment
  • guidance on diet, hydration and exercise
  • communication and treatment plans in conjunction with your GP and insurer
  • referral for radiological assessment when indicated and required.

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