Our 3AW Phone Call!!!!

Last week, I was at the clinic in a pelvic health & paediatric tute with Megan and Loz when Kirsty, one of our superstars, knocked, came rushing in with the phone and said “there was an urgent call for you….” on the other end of the phone was Neil Mitchell from @3aw693 😂

I am sharing this audio because I am hoping I got my message across (i haven’t listened to it yet 🙈) and want to share how amazing our team here at Total Balance really are. Really!!! And I want to thank every single person at Total Balance that I have the privilege to work with each day. They make Total Balance what it is and for that reason, they create the best place for you all. I’m lucky I get to enjoy the ride with them 💜




Bec @ Total Balance Healthcare



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