Our Team

At Total Balance we are extremely passionate about helping you improve. We understand that your health has many factors and facets that influence your balance. Addressing these different aspects together in a big picture, holistic approach allows us to provide you the best, well rounded care that gives you the best opportunity for long term results.

Here at Total Balance, we are a team that gels and gets it. We understand that a cohesive, balanced team allows us to give you the best care. Our whole why is making sure we are the best at what we do as a team, allowing us to produce the best environment for you. Listening, caring and educating are part of way that we work to pop the pieces of your healthcare puzzle together.

Our multi faceted approach allows us to offer an environment that allows you to work on different aspects of your health. From Osteopathy to Remedial Massage and Myotherapy, Nutrition and Dietetics and Speech Pathology, we have the ability to interweave with the care that you feel you need.

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