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Dr Dan East | Osteopath, Total Balance Healthcare

Dr Dan East


Dan completed his Masters in Osteopathy at Victoria University. After leaving school and completing a Science degree (Anatomy Major) at Melbourne University, Dan found himself looking into options in the healthcare field. Successful treatment by a local Osteopath on his various football injuries sparked a keen interest in the holistic approach Osteopathy offered – and his passion for the field began.

Dan is very passionate and enthusiastic about osteopathy and loves getting to know each of his patients on a personal level. He believes strong communication is the key to helping patients work towards their goals.
Dan integrates exercise prescription and rehabilitation with his manual treatments, allowing for the best outcome for you.

Particular areas of interest for Dan to treat include back and hip pain, sports injuries and lower limb/foot injuries. Dan also has a keen interest in running and the adolescent population.

Dan has completed several courses outside of the clinic, in areas including Advanced Dry Needling and Lower Limb biomechanics, which help complement his skills in his areas of interest.

Dan also worked as a sports trainer for St Bede’s Mentone FC during his studies which gave him excellent first-hand experience in acute sports injury management.

When he’s not at Total Balance, Dan stays busy throughout the week by running and going to the gym, spending time with friends and family, supporting the West Coast Eagles and getting out of Melbourne on holiday.

Dan particularly likes to help headaches, back pain and lower limb/foot injuries

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