Meet Osteopath Dr James Clark

Dr James Clark


James joined our team after graduating with a Masters in Osteopathy at Victoria University. His interest in osteopathy began as a teenager, when he was playing football and visiting an osteopath for numerous injuries. James has a special interest in gait and running analysis and the role it plays in preventing injuries. He has completed further study in these areas, and is very passionate in identifying the cause for your injuries and coaching you to reduce running related injuries.

At the clinic in James’ treatment room there is a treadmill, which enables James to thoroughly assess your running style. He uses an iPad to film your gait, which enables him to slow it down and explain to you and show you why you may be experiencing pain in any location of the body during or shortly after running.

James also has a special interest in rehabilitation. Using movement and specific strengthening exercise to support the hands on treatment he does with you, it gains him the best long term results. Whilst studying, James worked as the head sports trainer for Parkdale Vultures Football Club where he further developed his treatment skills and the management of common adolescent and adult sporting injuries, allowing him to bring these skills, plus more into the clinic.

Since graduating, James has completed further study in dry-needling and cupping which he uses along with his hands-on treatment, and finds is very beneficial in acute and chronic injuries.

When James isn’t working, he loves to keep active by either running, going to the gym or on his stand up paddle board. When he’s not keeping active, you can usually find him hanging out with friends or playing his guitar.

James uses movement and specific strengthening to support the work he does with you in the treatment room, gains him the best long term results.

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