Salt + Earth Magnesium Cream 150g

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Our high-grade Magnesium Cream is 100% natural and formulated to be effective for your aches and pains. Safe for everybody! Children to adults and pregnancy too. No chemicals. No animal testing.


This best seller is all about adding magnesium to your skin where you are experiencing discomfort. Did you have a stressful day at work? Or are you struggling with sleep? Do you have soreness in your muscles? This magnesium cream is an easy and convenient way to apply magnesium to the skin, where you need it.

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The OG Magnesium Cream is loved by hundreds! This lightweight, creamy and fast absorbing Fragrance Free Magnesium Cream for the body boasts many benefits

✌️ Daily body moisturiser

✌️ Fast absorbing magnesium

✌️ Aids in the recovery of tightness and tensions
✌️ May help reduce headaches

✌️ Great for restless legs

✌️ Growing pains in your kids be gone!

✌️ Helps you drift off to sleep

✌️ May notice an improvement in energy levels

✌️ Dermatologically tested

✌️ Suitable and safe for pregnancy and children

Rich in magnesium chloride sourced from the dead sea, our Magnesium Cream delivers a potent dose of magnesium to the local area and works to reduce tightness and tensions, leaving you feeling relaxed and tension free.

Fragrance Free. Scent Free.


Packaged in recyclable materials, keeping the environment and sustainability in the forefront of our minds. 100% Animal Product Free. Not Tested on Animals (only my kids 😊). High Quality, Natural Ingredients. Australian Made.




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Weight 0.1 kg

Usage Instructions

  • gentle massage into site of sore muscles, aches. For relaxation, apply to the base of the neck and across the shoulders.


Magnesium chloride flakes, pure water, organic sunflower oil*, organic virgin coconut oil*, organic grapeseed oil*, organic beeswax

*certified organic ingredients

1 review for Salt + Earth Magnesium Cream 150g

  1. Melissa

    This Mg2+ cream is AMAZING! I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and suffering back pain. Using this cream eases the aches in between treatments. It’s a life saver!! When hubby has aches I get him to use it on his sore muscles. He’s now a convert! Definitely would recommend.

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