Mg2+ Magnesium Spray

Our high-grade Magnesium Spray is 100% natural and formulated to be effective for your aches and pains. Safe for everybody! Children to adults and pregnancy too. No chemicals. No animal testing.

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Our super convenient magnesium spray now come in your standard 250mL bottle or a handy 50mL bottle that slots straight into your bag or car.


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  • Our high-grade magnesium cream contains magnesium chloride form The Dead Sea. Did you know that magnesium is used in over 300chemical reactions in your body!
  • It is at it’s best when you have soreness in your muscles. It may relive this soreness that you feel.
  • Take your time to pop this on before you go to bed and allow yourself time to relax and head off to the land of sleep.
  • Designed by a duel trained osteopath & naturopath specifically for people voiced that that wanted it.
  • 100% natural, Australian owned and made in Melbourne.

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50mL, 250mL


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