Salt + Earth Dream Cream 150g


Our high-grade Magnesium Cream is 100% natural and formulated to be effective for your aches and pains. Safe for everybody! Children to adults and pregnancy too. No chemicals. No animal testing.


A fully packed magnesium body cream formulated to help you gently slide into the land of nod.

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Scientifically formulated with two methods to help your sleep including magnesium chloride and specific herbal extracts to help prime your nervous system for a restful sleep.

✌️ Boosts magnesium stores required for sleep neurotransmitters (GABA)

✌️ Fast absorbing magnesium

✌️ Nourishes the rest & digest part of your nervous system
✌️ May help calming your racing mind

✌️ Sandalwood has an ancient history for relaxation and anxiety relief

✌️ Bergamot helps to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure

✌️ Promotes an increase in non-REM sleep

✌️ Sedative effects with Sandalwood, reducing wakefulness

✌️ Dermatologically tested

✌️ Suitable and safe for pregnancy and children

Rich in magnesium chloride sourced from the dead sea, our Dream Cream delivers a potent dose of magnesium to the local area with the help of Sandalwood and Bergamot to prime the nervous system for a restful nights sleep.


Packaged in recyclable materials, keeping the environment and sustainability in the forefront of our minds. 100% Animal Product Free. Not Tested on Animals (only my kids 😊). High Quality, Natural Ingredients. Australian Made.




Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

Usage Instructions

  • gentle massage into site of sore muscles, aches. For relaxation, apply to the base of the neck and across the shoulders.


Magnesium chloride flakes, pure water, organic sunflower oil*, organic virgin coconut oil*, organic grapeseed oil*, organic beeswax

*certified organic ingredients


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