The Anti-Inflammatory Table (Paperback)


This 50 page e-book contains a large vault of tips, trick and education to help you start your gut health journey that is easy to follow while it also explains and motivates you along the way.


A nutritional, movement and lifestyle guide for an anti-inflammatory life. The Anti-Inflammatory Table is designed to support your gut health with over 70 recipes to nourish and restore your gut.

Whether you are suffering from IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, an autoimmune disease, eczema, leaky gut, obesity, diabetes, inflammation or fibromyalgia, these nutritiously balanced recipes will support your health with great nutrition to help support your gut function.

The Anti-Inflammatory Table includes:

  • 70+ breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes
  • Anti-Inflammatory Movement Planning
  • Nutritional Planning and Guide


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