Orofacial Myology in Chelsea Heights

Orofacial myology is a field that understands the intricate connection between oral health, musculoskeletal balance, and overall well-being.

Our team of osteopaths at Total Balance Healthcare have completed further learning in this field to become orofacial myologists. This allows them to combine their expertise in osteopathic medicine with a deep understanding of orofacial myology. We believe that the body is a holistic entity, and the health of your oral muscles and facial bones plays a crucial role in your overall health.

What is Orofacial Myology?

Through a patient-centred approach, our osteopaths work with individuals of all ages to assess and treat various orofacial issues. Whether you’re dealing with mouth breathing, facial pain, sleep issues, or feeding/speech difficulties, we are here to help.

Our holistic approach involves identifying musculoskeletal imbalances and addressing them to promote proper orofacial muscle function. We collaborate closely with dentists, and other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs.

Who are your qualified Orofacial Myologist Osteopaths?

Dr. Megan Brooks from our paediatric team is further trained in orofacial myology. She has the training and clinical skills to extend her osteopathy skills into the orofacial myology space.

What I can expect during my first consultation?

History Taking

Initially we will perform a thorough history taking to get some in-depth information on what you are coming in to see our orofacial myology osteopaths for. Our initial assessments are 60 minutes, and typically we spend up to 30-40 minutes discussing your medical and dental history, sleep questionnaire, symptoms and your goals for your treatment.


This is where we will perform orofacial and osteopathic assessments. Here we are able to assess the structure and function of the muscles of your face and mouth, as well as the range of motion of your tongue. We look at posture, breathing technique, and identify any areas that may be impacting your presenting complaint.

Advice and Follow-Ups

Your osteopath will always provide you with advice and rehabilitation exercises. We also like to work closely with other health professionals including your GP, dentist, ENT, MCHN and speech pathologists and we may refer you further if other management is needed in conjunction with oral motor therapy.

Depending on what you are coming in to see your osteopath for, we will usually advise a follow up within the first two weeks, to re-assess and progress rehabilitation and function. However, every patient is different and follow up appointments and advice is therefore individualised.

Orofacial myology focuses on the development of your face and mouth, to help with tongue motion, breathing, jaw development, sleep and eating.

How can Orofacial Myology help me?

Our orofacial myology osteopaths may be able to help you with many different complaints, such as:
  • mouth breathing
  • facial pain
  • sleep issues which can lead to fatigue and difficulty concentrating
  • feeding difficulties including breast, bottle, and solids
  • tongue motion to help with speech
  • oral restrictions (tongue and lip ties etc)
  • low tongue posture
  • jaw pain
  • headaches
  • bedwetting
  • restless sleep (nightmares or terrors)
  • snoring or noisy breathing
  • teeth clenching and grinding
  • mouth and teeth development
Megan Brooks, Osteopath | Total Balance Healthcare

Dr. Megan Brooks

Megan is a vibrant, caring and dedicated Osteopath who has a passion for overall health and wellbeing.

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