Pelvic Health Assessments

Pelvic Health Assessments in Chelsea Heights

Pelvic health complaints are very common, in particular in postpartum women, and can lead to uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms. Our osteopaths Dr Simmone Ortland, Dr Rebecca Farthing, Dr Sarah Duggan and Dr Loz Bonner have completed further study in pelvic health, meaning they have a wealth of knowledge in regards to many conditions and complaints involving the pelvic anatomy, and are very passionate about empowering people in this area.

What is a Pelvic Health Assessment?

A pelvic health assessment is a physical examination performed by a trained osteopath, where they assess, treat, and rehabilitate pelvic floor structures. Our thorough examination enables us to find out the why’s of your pelvic floor symptoms, and help to improve these with you. Our pelvic health osteopaths are able to assess internal pelvic floor structures however an internal assessment isn’t always required for your pelvic health assessment.

Who are your qualified Pelvic Health Osteopaths?

Dr. Loz Bonner, Dr. Sarah Duggan, Dr. Simmone Ortland and Dr. Bec Farthing form our Pelvic Health Team who continue to complete further learning in pelvic health and share their knowledge with each other. Our Pelvic Health Team love to extend their learnings and have extensive training and clinical experience with pelvic health conditions.

What can I expect during my first consultation?

If we map out what your first pelvic health assessment consultation will look like, you can expect something similar to this:

Initially we will perform a thorough history taking to get some in-depth information on what you are coming in to see our pelvic health osteopaths for. Our initial assessments are 60 minutes, and typically we spend up to 30-40 minutes discussing your pelvic complaints, pelvic symptoms and your goals for your treatment. Our pelvic health osteopaths believe in the importance of empowering our patients, and may talk to you about proper breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises (activations or downtraining depending on what you’re coming in for), and toileting advice.

This is where we will perform either an internal or external pelvic health exam, where we will assess the strength, muscle tone, and look for any weaknesses in the structures of the pelvis. Here we are able to assess your pelvic floor (and whether it is strong, weak, or overactive), the integrity of your bladder and bowel walls to check for signs of prolapse, to check for any structures which may be causing your familiar pelvic pain, and in turn provide advice and rehabilitation exercises depending on what we diagnose.

It is not necessary to have an internal vaginal assessment in order to get our advice, help and results. Most women find it beneficial to have an internal pelvic health assessment, as it is more in depth however, it is not necessary and we can still provide a plethora of advice and information without it. Please speak to your pelvic health osteopath about this if you have any questions.

Your osteopath will always provide you with advice and rehabilitation exercises, and give you enough time to work on these things before getting you back in for a follow up. Depending on what you are coming in to see your pelvic health osteopath for, we will usually advise a follow up within the first two weeks, to re-assess and progress rehabilitation and pelvic function. However, every patient is different and follow up appointments and advice is therefore individualised.

Our pelvic health osteopaths are able to assess internal pelvic floor structures however an internal assessment isn’t always required for your pelvic health assessment.

How can a Pelvic Health Assessment help me?

Our pelvic health osteopaths can help you with many pelvic health complaints, such as:

  • Pre and postnatal pelvic health checks
  • Bladder urgency, leakage and incontinence
  • Bowel urgency, leaking and incontinence
  • Pelvic and coccyx pain
  • Constipation
  • Day and night wetting, and constipation in children
  • Painful penetration
  • Pelvic organ prolapse

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