Postpartum Pelvic Health Checkup

Postpartum Pelvic Health Checkup in Chelsea Heights

There are many changes that occur in the postpartum period, and here at Total Balance Healthcare we are extremely passionate about caring for women at this stage in their life. The effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and furthermore the caring of a new baby, can impact on the function of the pelvic floor and pelvic region. Postpartum pelvic health checkups are beneficial following all forms of birth, with both vaginal and caesarean births having an impact on our pelvic health. Our osteopaths Dr Sarah Duggan, Dr Loz Bonner, Dr Simmone Ortland and Dr Rebecca Farthing, have completed further study in postpartum pelvic health and love supporting women in this area.

What is a Pelvic Health Appointment in the Postpartum Period?

Traditionally a postpartum check up has been done at 6 weeks after birth, however we strongly believe you shouldn’t have to wait until this time if you have concerns prior. Our pelvic health osteopaths are able to assess the pelvic structures with an internal assessment, however it isn’t always necessary. Prior to 6 weeks postpartum an internal assessment is not indicated, however there are plenty of treatment techniques that can be performed externally. A postpartum pelvic health appointment will be performed by our trained osteopaths and they will assess, treat and provide education in order to allow for optimal outcomes. Our osteopaths understand how overwhelming this time of life can be and aim to make things as easy to understand as possible.

What do we use in myotherapy to help you?

What can I expect during my first consultation?

All our appointments are tailored specifically to each individual patient. This is in order to achieve the best treatment outcomes. This however is a general idea of how our pelvic health appointments are structured;

History taking

Your initial pelvic health appointment will go for 60 minutes. At the beginning of the appointment we will take a detailed history. We will have a discussion about your pregnancy, birth, relevant information in the early postpartum phase and medical history. We will gather an understanding of the pelvic health concerns you are experiencing and also determine your goals for treatment.


At Total Balance Healthcare we like to assess the body as a whole in order to gather as much information as possible. Particularly in the postpartum period there are multiple changes in the body which need to be taken into consideration. Depending on what you are presenting with and how many weeks postpartum you are, an internal and/or external pelvic health exam can be recommended. It is important to note that having an internal vaginal assessment is not always necessary, however most women find it beneficial to gather information on what is occurring in this area.

We are fully aware of the sensitive nature of the pelvic region, particularly following pregnancy and births and this is why thorough discussions occur throughout the treatment and questions are always welcomed. Our pelvic health osteopaths take great pride in making sure our patients are comfortable at all times.

Treatment, advice and management

Treatment of pelvic health concerns involve hands-on therapy which is discussed throughout your consultation. A large part of pelvic health care includes individualised rehabilitation with pelvic floor training. This may be prescribed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles or in some cases to allow relaxation of the pelvic floor.

Education and advice also forms a large part of your treatment plan and makes a big difference in pelvic health outcomes. At your follow up appointment, you will be reassessed and your exercises and advice will be continually progressed accordingly.

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