Is stress the cause of your headaches?

We live in a stressful world. Sometimes we don’t even realise we are stressed. Sometimes we do, and ignore it.

Stress is a major reality for many. With stress, especially chronic stress, comes symptoms.

Headaches and migraines can be a symptom of your stress

Stress can manifest in many different ways for different people. Tightness in the shoulders and neck- can result in headaches. Not taking the time to drink enough water leads to dehydration- can result in headaches. Not eating the right foods or even eating at all- can lead to headaches. There are so many ways in which stress can cause headaches.

The real question is….. Why are you stressed?

This is the question that needs an answer. If you can’t, then we need to find the answer.

We know that stress is not good for us. But why do we leave it, and not improve our situation?

Chronic stress causes changes in our bodies, such as an increase in cortisol. Stress evokes your fight or flight response, cortisol is released ready for the fight….. and over time, these high cortisol levels become your norm. It can affect your appetite, your metabolism, the way your biochemistry functions. And if can cause headaches and migraines.

Stopping the cycle

Sometimes and wheel just keeps turning… and turning… and turning. You know, it will continue to turn if you don’t stop it. You have to make the change. No one else can do it do for you.

Taking this step can be really hard. Even terrifying.

And you know, taking this step may have to wait. Say for instance, a family member is ill and it is a waiting game. That stress can’t be changed. That is where osteopathy and naturopathy can help. Helping to manage your stress and get through is something that our practitioners may be able to help you with.

Because stress can manifest in many regions to cause you those headaches and migraines.

Say, for instance, you are really tight in your shoulders and neck from the stress at work. Osteopathy and Naturopathy may be able to help. They will also help you process that stress and listen to you.

Our practitioners are also trained to identify the need for a referral to your GP or to a psychologist. This is all in the name of looking after you the best way possible.

What can a Naturopath or Osteopath do to help me?

That all pivotal on your personal case. Your practitioner will chat to you and help you to identify your triggers.

Your osteopath may be able to alleviate your symptoms by addressing the tightness in your neck, back and shoulders. They may also identify that your headaches or migraines are ‘mechanical’, meaning, they are caused by a biomechanical dysfunction in your neck, for example. They will be able to address this using manual techniques that may alleviate the headaches/ migraines.

Your naturopath will take an extensive history to identify your triggers. They may identify hormonal differences that are your trigger or food intolerances that cause headaches/ migraines. They will discuss these with you and formulate a plan of attack to reduce your headaches/ migraines.

And then there may be psychological reasons that are contributing to your headaches/ migraines. Our practitioners are trained to refer when necessary to the right people. This is all part and parcel with ensuring you get the best care.

The causes of headaches/migraines can be complex, but that is the challenge that our practitioners enjoy. Picking the right pieces of the puzzle to get you the best outcome.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask our practitioners, please give us a buzz. We love to chat.

This blog post is an educational tool only.  It is not a replacement for medical advice from a registered and qualified doctor or health professional.

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