The complete process for being free of neck pain

Let’s talk about how we can help your neck pain AND how you can help your neck pain yourself.

There is sooooooo much you can do to get rid of your neck pain.

Walk with me while I take you through everything we know

Firstly, if you wake up and you’re having a crappy neck pain day – get started with this sequence. We know that resolving neck pain must have a multifaceted approach. Just having an osteo treatment isn’t the answer. Just drinking water or just putting heat on it won’t be a cure either. All of these are helpful but they won’t resolve your neck pain quickly, on their own, when you are acute.


Next. It is all about the long term gain. Getting rid of neck pain today is great. But we want to get rid of it tomorrow too. We have created a series of the best neck stabilisation exercises that we prescribe. Simple. Easy. Super Effective.

You can download them here. Please, if you have any pain with these or your pain is worsening, please call us on 97738085!!!!


Next. Basic neck stretching. This is such an undervalued tool! Get in the shower with the hot water on your neck and do these now! If you’re at work, on the train, in the cinema, you can still do these!

Sarah has created a Neck Pain & Headaches Stretching Program. This is really easy to follow. Print it out and pop it on the fridge, the back of the toilet door, the back of your garage door… anywhere that will remind you to do them!


Finally, set yourself up to win, not fail. What does your desk set up look like? Everyone uses a computer or a device these days. No matter your profession or age. Get it set up right for one simple reason. The human head weighs roughly 5-6kg. But as the neck bends forward and down, the weight on the cervical spine begins to increase. At a 15-degree angle, this weight is about 12kg, at 30 degrees it’s 18kg, at 45 degrees it’s 22kg, and at 60 degrees it’s a whopping 27kg.
If you have a sore neck, holding this bad boy up at a 45 degree angle can get pretty tiring pretty quick.
Get your desk, computer, device – whatever you are using – get it set up so your neck is neutral! Straight! Upright!

Dan has written an ebook on how to improve your ergonomics here. Use the code “LOVELOCAL” to get it for free 🙂


With any of these, don’t go to hard and to fast. Take your time and if your pain worsens, you definitely need to come in and see us.

If you want help with your desk set up or your exercises, we can help you there too.

Otherwise, get cracking on these tips above! They make a MASSIVE difference.


😊 Bec @ Total Balance




This blog post is an educational tool only.  It is not a replacement for medical advice from a registered and qualified doctor or health professional.

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