The Ultimate Pillow Guide

A common question we get asked in clinic is “what pillow is right for me”.

Great question because if your pillow is too high, and you sleep on your side, your neck will be bent while you sleep, resulting in pain.
If you sleep with a pillow to low, you can have a sore shoulder from it being squashed on as you sleep.. and you can have a sore neck from it being bent.
If you are not a sidesleeper, are you a back sleeper or a front sleeper and what is best then?!?!

Back sleepers, you need a low pillow. If your pillow is to high, you sleep with your head bent forwards. That strains the back of your neck while you sleep.

Sleeping on your tummy – not ideal. Try it in a standing position. You kinda have your head bent around to the side with an arm and a leg up, usually. Hmmm, not awesome posture for 8 hours. We actually try to stop you from tummy sleeping. Pop a tennis ball in a stocking and tie it around your belly. Every time to roll on your tummy, you will wake with the discomfort of a tennis ball pushing into your belly. Not nice, I know. But if tummy sleeping is a cause of your neck pain, the best long term management is to change it!

Talking sleep and neck pain is advice that we commonly work through with you. Megan has popped together an ebook that answers all of these questions plus more. She has even popped in there a person’s height versus pillow height guide for you. And one for the kids too.

Check out the Sleep Playbook here and use the code LOVELOCAL to nab it for free 🙂

If you are after a new pillow, you can check out the ones we love and recommend. We have them available here 🙂


If you have any questions on sleep, pillow and neck pain, shoot us an email or give us a buzz

🙂 Bec



This blog post is an educational tool only.  It is not a replacement for medical advice from a registered and qualified doctor or health professional.

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