10!!!! Can you believe that?!?

I imagine this is what it feels like to see your youngest child growing up so quick. Well, not quite. But it is emotional for me! 10!!!!!!

 10 years ago I was 24. I met many of you that long ago! You will remember how it all started! You were there with me when I started in a small space, renting a room from Bob (hello Bob!) a mortgage broker. I am still not really sure why I started out on my own…. I am pretty sure my boyfriend at the time, Andy, convinced me to do it… 24 and carefree. No major financial burdens…. I had nothing to lose! Total Balance was born!

After 2 years I moved downstairs to rent a room off from the physio Rochelle and her team. It was like a little healthcare family there with many jokes and laughter.

After 2.5 years with Rochelle…. Andy and I got married. Yep. Tied the knot. We took off to Europe for 4 months on our honeymoon. When we came home, I went straight back to work. We bought the house at 2 Seccull Drive and then the fun began. We had the house ready pronto and moved Total Balance to where we are now.

10 years later, many of you have joined me on this absolutely amazing journey. 

10 years later and I am still an osteopath. But I am also a graduating naturopath. A practice owner. A wife. A MUM! So many moments I have shared with many of you with Jobe being the most notable. Many of you have met Jobe and gotten to know him. To the point that my husband, Andy often says…. “When we go to the shops, a lot of people say hi to Jobe. I have no idea who they are”!!!!

10 years later I am such a different osteopath to where I started. I have gained knowledge through treating you all. I have ignited a passion of health and caring that has taken me back to study Naturopathy. I have expanded my love of animals and osteopathy together to treat your beloved pets. I have developed this crazy passion for my work where I really LOVE my job!

My biggest blessing….. 10 years later, I have the most amazing group of people that I get to work with every day. And it is them that I thank the most. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for teaching me the lessons I have gained. And thank you for helping to provide the most amazing place where people can come for help.

 Please take a bow

Ilme and Vanessa. Our receptionists from day dot at Seccull Drive. They look after us. They keep the place running smoothly. They make you feel comfortable when you arrive. They will chat to you before you leave. They are brilliant.

Simmone, Tamara and Lachlan. The osteos that I am blessed to be working alongside each and every day. Simmone joined us a new graduate and is just the bomb. Her dedication to you, her patients is aspiring. Tamara, a long term friend who has proven that we can be the best of mates and work together too. Her love for dry needling can be rivaled by none. And Lachlan, who joined us in 12 months ago. He inadvertently ended up on my doorstep just to say hi and we haven’t looked back.

Cassie and Mitch, our 2 young receptionists who share their time with us between school and uni. Their dedication to their roles is awesome and I have the sense that I can always ask them to help me with anything.

Simone and Nicole, our remedial massage therapist and myotherapist. They rocked up on our doorstep, bringing with them such fun, easy going attitudes. They both slotted into the total balance life so easily and we love having them with us.

Kerry our naturopath who returned back to the profession after maternity leave, moving from one of our patients to one of our practitioners! Kerry has bought a huge aspect of health with her into the clinic including her natural medicine skills, allowing us to take holistic healthcare to a completely new level for you all.

And our newest member, Stephanie. Steph works alongside Simone as a remedial massage therapist and has seamlessly slipped into the day to day workings of total balance. Welcome Steph.

So that is Total Balance. 10 years in the making.

I can’t wait to report back to you all on what the next 10 years brings. I am really excited to see how it shapes up!!!!!

So…. Cheers! Thank-you to you all for sharing total balance with us.

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