February 2007, Total Balance was founded with a treatment table, a desk and an A frame sign, cosied upstairs in a space we shared with a mortgage broker! With eyes of aspiration and an innate desire to create a completely holistic understanding and approach to health, our purpose was created. To help people achieve their Total Balance.

We deliver a multifaceted approach to everyone we see- diving deep into each ‘problem’ to find the why and then deliver the how.

Fast forward 14 or so years and we have an incredible multidisciplinary team where listening, understanding and caring is what we breathe. Ensuring we leave no stone unturned in each case to achieve optimal results, is our favourite puzzle to solve. This makes sure we are delivering and achieving our true core purpose to you- Total Balance.

Welcome to Total Balance Healthcare!

Where we live to genuinely care and find holistic health outcomes for each person that we meet allowing us to positively impact peoples lives.

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